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Life Vest Information Sheet
Life Raft Information Sheet
FAA Required Equipment Information Sheet

Life Rafts & Vest

Life Raft Sales and Service

Eastern Aero Marine (Factory Authorized and Trained), Goodrich (Factory Authorized), Air Cruisers, Aerazur, AVI Survival Products, Winslow Life Raft, Hoover Industries, Switlik Parachute Co and RFD

Life Vest Sales and Service

All manufacturers and styles.
5 year and 10 year service available.
New life vest in stock.

Helicopter Crew Vest

The Titan-XF Life Preserver is a manually inflatable life preserver designed for wear by passengers and crew aboard an aircraft during flight over water. While in flight, the Titan-XF is worn deflated and folded to a compact size to provide maximum comfort and mobility for the wearer.

Helicopter Passenger Vest

This continuous wear, yoke style life vest is ideal for helicopter pilots or anyone flying long distances over open water. The Bravo's compact, lightweight design includes a 2-inch, extra wide, waist strap for comfort and security. Equipped with water-activated light, retro-reflective tape and a whistle.

Helicopter Passenger Vest

This twin cell vest comes in a standard or heavy-duty pouch engineered especially for use in helicopter tour operations. Pouch pack design buckles around the waist for constant wear. The life preserver can easily be pulled out and donned over the head with one quick motion, using a single hand.

Things not to do to your raft:

  • Drop or drag on harsh surfaces. The valise or case is designed for light weight not severe abrasion resistance.
  • Inflate before you send it in. This may damage the raft or shorten the life. We will send a training unit designed for training.
  • Cut the bands on the hard case design. This bands are part of the case design and will snap during inflation.
  • Keep away from oils or other chemicals. The fabric of this equipment is not resistant to chemicals and will shorten the life.

Evacuation Slides

Service / Overhaul - Air Cruisers Factory Trained, Goodrich (UTC) Factory Trained

Inspect, function test, replace all necessary parts, clean and repack back to serviceable condition per the applicable sections of CMM

Helicopter Floats


With our Corporate office on the Gulf Coast, Safetech is right in the middle of the largest helicopter market. We are ready to service and certify many different Helicopter safety equipment from floats to fire-ex bottles. Our extensive experience puts us as a leader in this market.

Downloads Available:
Aircraft Fire Extinguisher Information Sheet
Fire Extinguisher Information Sheet

Fire Extinguishers

Aircraft Extinguishers - Sales and Service

Walter Kidde Aerospace - OEM Authorized Repair Center
L’Hotellier - OEM Authorized Repair Center
HTL Pacific Scientific
Mass Systems
Graviner Amerex

Hand Held 1211 - Service and Sales

Walter Kidde Aerospace
Mass Systems

Hand Held Water - Service and Sales

Walter Kidde Aerospace
Mass Systems

Fire Bottle Exchanges

Safetech offers a variety of fire extinguishers for exchange.
• All bottles are serviced prior to shipment, so you get a fresh certificate on your equipment.

Aircraft Oxygen Bottles

Service and Cylinder Replacement - Puritan Bennett, Scott, Avox, Sky Ox

Hydro test, wash and dry the cylinder, functionally test or overhaul regulator; assemble, fill and leak test, per applicable sections of CMM.

* Educational Classes Available

O2 Composite Bottle Information Sheet
O2 Steel and Aluminum Bottle Information Sheet

About Composite Bottles

Composite cylinders represent an optimum lightweight approach to cylinder design. They were initially built for NASA and have been in commercial aircraft service since 1976.

OVERWRAP- Refers to both the fiber and resin as a unit. Fiberglass and Kevlar are the most commonly used fibers. Fibers are wrapped around the circumference or longitudinally or a combination of both. This makes up a majority of the cylinders strength.

METAL LINER- Refers to the metal portion of the cylinder. Usually made of aluminum. It serves as a gas tight membrane and provides a port for the valve.

NOTE: Transporting, retesting, or filling requires a current copy of the appropriate exemption for that specific cylinder.

Squibs / Cartridges

Sales / Limited Testing / Disposal
Manufacturers - Walter Kidde, HTL, Mass Systems, Applied Energy

Safetech carries a wide variety of OEM cartridges. We have a rapid turn over of the inventory to maintain the most current dates.

Safe Handling Requires a Shunt

A shunt is a non-conductive shielding device used to protect an electro explosive device from accidental electrical ignition. Shunts should be used at all times when not installed on a bottle or the bottles they are installed in are not properly secured.

First Aid & Survival Kits

Survival Kits

Jungle Kits, Frigid Area Kits, Desert Kits and Helicopter Kits. More kits available and custom kits built to order.

Type of Use Duration Model No.

General Kit



Helicopter Kit



Jungle Survival Kit

5 Man / 5 Days


Desert Survival Kit



Terrain Kit

10 Man / 5 Days


Polar Survival Kit

8 Man / 5 Days


First Aid Kits

Sales and Service

Replace all out of date items, clean and repack per the applicable sections of mfg data.

  • Contents:
  • Adhesive Bandage Compress, 1"
  • Antiseptic Swabs, .5cc
  • Ammonia Inhalants, 33cc
  • 2" Bandage Compress
  • 4" Bandage Compress
  • Triangle Bandage Compress
  • Burn Compound, 1/8 oz
  • Eye dressing Packet
  • Dust / Moisture proof metal Container
  • Arm Splint
  • Leg Splint
  • Roller Bandage, 4"
  • Bandage Scissors
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Latex Gloves
  • First Aid Handbook

Meets: FAA FAR 121, Apdx A; FAA FAR 125.207; FAA FAR 135.177

Actual Size: 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 2 5/8" Metal Container (Part No. SL 1013-107)


Sales and Service – Specmat, DME, ACR Electronics, Dayton Granger, Artex, Emergency Beacon Corp.

  • NEW 3-Frequency Transmitters 406.025 / 121.5 / 243 Mhz
  • Survival ELTs - For Life Rafts

Rental Services

Life Rafts

All 4 Safetech locations have a selection of life rafts available for rent. If you need Type I or Type II, 91 or 135 Kits, we have a raft to fit your needs.

Although it may be required, using your own life raft for training purposes is not a good practice. Damage to the valise, hard case shell and equipment in or attached to the raft can delay or increase the recertification process. The raft itself can be damaged or destroyed from abrasion or oils on the floor.

Safetech has training rafts for rent that can be used anywhere you choose for training. Even in the swimming pool for actual water training.

406 MHz ELT Rentals

Don’t be caught short without the required 406 MHz ELT. All 135 operators are required for extended over water operations to have an approved survival type ELT attached to one of the life rafts.