What We Do

Life Rafts/Vests - Service & Sales
Eastern Aero Marine, Winslow Life Raft, Air Cruisers, Goodrich, Hoover, AVI Survival Products, Aerazure, RFD [more]
Emergency Slides - Service

Air Cruisers and Goodrich (UTC) [more]

Fire Extinguishers - Service & Exchange
Walter Kidde Aerospace, Pacific Scientific HTL, Mass Systems, L'Hotellier, Graviner, Amerex, General [more]
Oxygen Bottles - Service & Cylinder Replacement
Puritan Bennett, Scott, Avox, Sky Ox [more]
Squibs - Service, Testing & Disposal
Walter Kidde, HTL, Mass Systems, Applied Energy [more]
First Aid & Survival Kits - Sales & Service
Custom Kits Available to Your Order.[more]

About Us

Safetech was founded in 1984 with the mission of being the industry leader in the service, repair and certification of safety equipment for all types of aircraft. Growing from three people folding rafts in 1984 to our current staff of over 75 people, Safetech performs all aspects of safety related services for our customers nationwide. Now part of SK AeroSafety, a division of SK FireSafety Group, our full service regional centers are located in Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis and Ridgeland, SC (coming soon), with a specialty raft and slide center located in Seattle (formerly Team Aero Services).

With a constant eye toward innovation and customer service, Safetech initiated an industry first extended pickup and delivery option for our customers that eases the burden of packing and shipping your equipment. Please ask your sales representative about this service if you feel that it would be beneficial to you.

Over the years, Safetech has developed strong relationships with original equipment manufacturers as well as after-market parts and service establishments in an effort to provide the most complete, accurate, cost effective and timely service available in the industry. Rest assured that when you call us, we will have the expertise and relationships needed to get your equipment serviced, certified and back to you quickly.

Our Staff

  • CEO - Gerald Baty
  • Vice President of Compliance and Quality - Robert Holley
  • Director of Operations - Perry Moore
  • Controller - Gail Landry
  • Houston Facility Manager – Michael Gonzalez
  • Indianapolis Business Unit Manager – Stephanie Ramirez
  • Atlanta Business Unit Manager -
  • Dallas Manager - Roger Quintero